Monday, June 1, 2009

on my table

i think this will be a recurring thing. i love my dining table. having a dining table means i can finally compose pretty little compilations. they change often, so hopefully i will post often.

today, i have gifts.

the flowers on the left were all collected by myself. the chartreuse spider mum was purchased from a woman at the northville farmer's market. the fuchsia peony was collected from the house next door, which is owned by my landlord. the beautiful white peony was gathered from the vacant but lovely wilcox house in downtown plymouth. i walk through that lot all the time, on my way to work and to other things. these peonies have been preparing to blossom for quite a while now. the first time i saw the buds, i stopped and inspected. still being new to the gardening world, i had a very uncertain inkling that they may indeed be peonies. i knew they weren't roses, since it was still may (this was last week). though, i learned i was wrong about roses, as i saw a single-petaled pink rose in bloom just today. anyway, i was quite shocked and excited to see that they were in bloom today! i stopped, admired, photoed, admired some more, smelled several times, and took one home to go with my pink peony that had been gathered earlier this morning. i hope very much that the two buds on this white peony will bloom inside. these flowers are gifts from the ground.

i have had the succulent and its fresh, white pot for a couple weeks now. it was a gift from and to myself. the cork bowl, however... i have been lusting over this beautiful piece for a couple of months now. my friend nick, an interdisciplinary/furniture major at ccs, made this. it came to him as a solid piece of cork. he turned it on the lathe. and here it is. beautiful, no? it is so smooth to the touch, despite its texture. whether you're reading this or not, thank you nick.

the bright green mums on the right were a gift from rachael, my graphic design friend from ccs. she's a fiber minor, and also awesome. she brought me these mums as a housewarming gift last night. i've always loved green flowers. thank you rachael.

on the far right is eric. he is trying to find a lens cap that goes on his telescope. he didn't find it. sad, i know. do i really need to explain why he is a gift? i didn't think so.

i love this table and this house and these friends.


Mel said...

Very beautiful :-)

Helen said...

Lovely, lovely post. Sweet lighting, too. What are you up to, now that school's out {unless, of course, you're doing summer coursework ...}? I'm always curious to learn how others structure their downtime :)

Helen said...

P.S. Fabulous new header!

Brittany Noel said...

Thanks Mel!

Hi Helen! Now that school's out... I'm trying to do all the things I wanted to do but couldn't during school. Read books for fun, garden, cook, pick flowers (wild or not) and the like. I'm also trying to learn how to just be. I'm a chronic worrier. And it's a problem, of course.
I'm glad you like the new header! I took that photo today and love it :)
Thanks so much for your words and thoughts.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

I loved this post. And I second the comment about the header!

Brittany Noel said...

Hello over there, Jen! I'm glad you liked it, as I enjoyed writing it :) I'm glad the header seems to be a positive addition!

Matt said...

yay. that bowel is awesome.

table photos.
i want to be in all of them.

Brittany Noel said...

Get over here and you will be in all of them! You should come over and smell my peonies. They're so much better in real life!

Julia said...

What a wonderful post! I loved all your special things :)

Brittany Noel said...

Thank you, Julia! I'm glad you liked it :)