Thursday, November 12, 2009


this is the first finished image for my senior show in may. in the shortest explanation possible, i am exploring and recreating humanity's impact on the landscape. here, it is our impact on the skyline. mostly for visual reasons, i'm preferring open, liney shapes more than bulky shapes like buildings.

i printed this out on tuesday onto silk organza. each image is 48"x18". i'm not really sure if i like it on the organza. transparency is really important to me, so that each image can interact with the other images (they'll be installed throughout space, not on the wall). but, if they're too transparent, each one won't have its own space.... urgh!

next image will be a radio tower.

oh, and i'm taking the background photographs with slide film and scanning them in to work on them in photoshop. i love working with film again, it feels so good.


katy elliott said...

Super cool.

Fiona Cartolina said...

I like this. You sound frustrated with it but I think you have something interesting and sublime. Good job.

Carlene said...

That is beautiful! When is your senior show? I might need to take a road trip.

Brittany Noel said...

Thanks Katy :)

Fiona - I'm glad you like it. I'm only frustrated with the material... I'm pretty happy with my images so far! Thank you so much.

Carlene - Thank you!! My senior show will be part of the Student Exhibition in May. It usually opens the second or third week of May. I'll let you know when it's closer. I'd love to see you! The whole Student Exh. is really awesome. Lots of amazing stuff. And most of it is for sale, which is especially awesome in the crafts department :)

Eva said...

Looking good. The sky as a transparent image is an interesting idea. Would two layers solve the problem?

simplesong said...

looks fabulous -- great work! looking forward to seeing the rest!

Matt Chung said...

So great! I can't wait to see the test print so I can see it in scale, it is always so much different when realized in print. And then frustrating when you make a huge print and just want to tweak some small thing and then you think I should of made a small print but then you would not of notice the error, at least that is what always happens to me. I enjoy the design and really want to see it on fabric because it so so graphic with the white pixels I bet it looks wonderful with fabric texture.

Brittany Noel said...

Eva - Thank you, I'm glad you like the idea so far. Two layers could potentially solve the problem. The only thing is, I might have to sew them together so that they aren't moving around, a tricky endeavor for me. Or, if I let them move around, each image (which is supposed to show through the other images) will have doubles floating individually, which might make the installation TOO chaotic... I bought fabric today, so if this doesn't work, then that is worth a try.

Suann - Thank you! I'm looking forward to the rest, too. Now I just have to make it work :) I'm about to go photograph, so I should have more images shortly.

Matt - I'm so happy you like it. I think I'll photograph the first print today. The light is really nice... I'm worried that even in the photograph, the image won't be solid enough... We'll see. That's exactly it! As soon as you've spent the time and ink and fabric/paper on a large print, you realize it wasn't quite ready... Geez. And not only fabric texture in the white, but also stitching... Oh boy!

Lisa at Lil Fish Studios said...

Aesthetically I think the graphic lines would look great on a more opaque fabric, but conceptually I love the sheerness of the organza. I especially love the idea of being able to see the next panel through the first...the neverending man-made monuments that we're so used to seeing that they almost become invisible.

I wish I could travel down to see it in person. Take lots of pictures.