Wednesday, February 10, 2010


An image I'm vectorizing for my senior show. It'll be another hanging. Or two, if I can make that work. I'm all for streamlining!

I know I've had a lot of short posts lately, and they're probably pretty boring. I apologize for them... as I give you yet another. My mind just hasn't been in the proper gear for internet activity lately. Weather, energy... I'm not sure what is to blame.

Oh yeah! I saw a new doctor on Monday and she referred me to a hand specialist! I have an appointment for March 1st. Hopefully, I'll finally get to the bottom of this and find out how to fix my little hands. I actually have pretty big hands for a girl... She also said that I should see an allergist for my year-round allergy. Her theory is that I'm allergic to textile fibers. Egad! What a terrible thing that would be... It would be mostly eradicated if I work a dust mask while weaving and such, but I really hate wearing masks. We'll see how it goes. That appt. is next Tuesday, so I'll know about that sooner.

Have any of you been to an allergist and had the experiment thing when they put stuff under you skin before? I'm nervous. It just weirds me out! You too?


French Press Knits said...

Hope the new doc figures it out. I also have large hands- they are the same size as Joe's!

Brittany Noel said...

Oh man, me too. It's been too long! Yay for big hands! Must make us more efficient knitters :)