Saturday, April 24, 2010

.park morning.

I love walking into my Starbucks (also my work) in the morning and finding these sweet pups hanging out right outside. They're so sweet! And their humans are a couple of our favorite customers. Really more like family. The light in the park square in Plymouth is so nice in the early morning, too. A little golden, very friendly. Sneaking through the trees onto the grass and my happy little feet. The beautiful house in the background of the last photo is the Wilcox house. It's been empty since the 80s and I want to start a community garden behind it. There are about four lots of grass over there. The only time it gets used is during the city festivals, when it's used as a parking lot. Ick. Gardens are much nicer than parking lots, agreed?

I hope your mornings are just as great.

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