Wednesday, December 2, 2009


i don't really have a lot of time, so i won't caption each photo. i think most of them are pretty self-explanatory anyway; hope you do too :) but, i wanted to make sure to tell you that my dad wasn't after the chickens, he was on his way to his tree stand to hunt deer. doesn't his hunting suit look cozy?

my mom's chickens are getting so big! the two that look bigger and different are two of the original chicks that she bought in may. the black and white one is badger, a silver laced wyandotte. the one with the crazy cheek feathers in the last photo (that was taken just before she pecked my finger! jerk!) is olga, an araucana. she'll lay blue/green eggs! the other three chickens are younger and they are isa reds, i think. badger and olga roost on the totem pole!


Matt Chung said...

Olga is so cool!

Brittany Noel said...

I know!! She's kind of a brat though. Badger runs up to you and clucks at you and likes you. Olga does the same, but then she pecks your finger! I can't wait to have chickens.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Loved these photos! Those look like some very healthy, happy chickens!

Carlene said...

I totally thought he was hunting chickens, I was gonna say, what, you need a gun for that?

(I kid.)

French Press Knits said...

These pics are great! I see why you love home.

Brittany Noel said...

Jen - They are such happy chickens! And they should be, all they do is wander around the yard and woods, eating stuff, clucking at people, etc. I wish I had such an easy life!

Carlene - Hahaha! I know, it would be silly, but I just wanted to make sure people didn't think my dad hunted my mom's chickens... Some people might think that, you never know! Yeah, you definitely wouldn't need a gun, they come right up to you!

Melynda - Thanks! Yes, I love it there. Almost ridiculously so, but I can't help it :)