Saturday, December 5, 2009


this is the second image ready for my show. i'll be printing it this week. the color balance is off. matt, what do you think i need to correct it? i'm trying to get started on a water series, too. i thought i had a breakthrough, but now i feel stuck again. geez.

my winter review is on thursday (found out about this a week ago), so i'm working on my second sky image tonight and tomorrow. hopefully i can print that out on monday or tuesday. oh, and i may print out a water one that i'm thinking about just to have it and for some feedback.

what do you think?


Matt Chung said...

It is hard to tell because we are not on the same screen, but i think it is either to green, or to cyan. Try adding some magenta or red :), but that is how it looks on my screen which is calibrated. But still...

The white path that ends in the bottom left corner looks a little awkward I think. Have you tried making it flare out a bit more as it hits the corner, like it is coming forward? Might be worth a try.

But I am excited to see how the prints interact with each other!

Brittany Noel said...

That's exactly what I thought, as far as color. I guess I'm just having a hard time correcting it. It's hard to get that balance but not letting it go purple... You and Mickey were always better at that!

I agree about that path. I think I might take it and move it down so that part isn't in the frame at all.

Thanks, Matt!