Wednesday, June 30, 2010


The Saturday after graduation (this is May 15th we're talking... yes, I'm that behind!) I spent the afternoon with my parents and sisters enjoying the campground where they were staying. We made our favorite camp food, hobo pies. Now, I don't know how widespread this type of eating is, but it is so rewarding. Before I go into too much detail, there is something you should know. Hobo pies can be breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert. Yes, I'm serious. Perfect, right?

Suggested potential ingredients:

Breakfast - eggs, sausage, bacon, peppers (a major favorite of mine), cheese, onions, black beans, feta, spinach, mushrooms

Lunch - lunch meat, assorted veggies (zucchini, peppers, onions, etc), cheese

Dinner - PIZZA! (this is my favorite) - still use croissant or biscuit dough, cheese, pizza sauce, pepperoni, canadian bacon, peppers, onions, mushrooms, feta, pineapple

Dessert - basically any pie filling (apple, cherry, grape, etc)

Here's a basic recipe, since it is SO that time of year:


bread dough (we loooooove croissant dough and biscuit dough)
cooking spray (we like to use olive oil spray)
filling of choice
pie makers

Here's how:

Make sure your pie maker is nice and clean, then spray it with cooking spray.
Tear off a square of dough and line the bottom of the pie maker
Start filling! Be careful though, it's very easy to over-fill your hobo pie. This leads to leaks and trouble.
Tear off another square of dough and place it on top of your fillings, making sure to pinch the two layers of dough together for ultimate filling retention.
You're ready to cook! Slow and steady is much yummier than hot and quick. This is best done after the fire has died down a bit and there are lots of good roasting embers. Think, marshmallow fire.
Be sure to check your pies frequently. This is important! It's very sad to open your pie maker and see black crust. Very sad, indeed.

Once you've cooked your hobo pie to perfection, pop it out onto and plate and enjoy your hard work and ingenuity. Cold beer, iced tea and lemonade all make very good accompaniments.



Elisa said...

i'm a big fan of mountain pies! but i've never used dough, only bread. Does it take longer to cook? And as for eggs, do you still use dough or just crack them in the maker?

Brittany Noel said...

I don't think the dough takes much longer. We use bread in a pinch, but the dough (all the different kinds) taste so so good. We usually crack them in one half of the maker and fry it up. So good! My mom says she uses them like mini pans sometimes. We often have the fruit pies from breakfast, too. Yum!