Wednesday, June 23, 2010

.business (?).

My loom is scheduled to come tomorrow (assuming the estimated ship date is still accurate). While I am super excited about it (eeee!!!), I'm also starting to look ahead in terms of art/craft business. I really love planning things, love being organized (when it comes to stuff like this, my desk is another story) and really want this to happen. But damn, is it overwhelming!

I've read through Craft, Inc. a few times and am planning on buying her Business Planner as soon as I have the money. Meg's book is a really great resource for thinking, such as setting up your work environment, making goals, pricing and the like. She covers almost everything. But, a lot of her information is in guideline/inspiration form, whereas I'm at the point where I need very specific information.

Thank goodness I have such an awesome, small-business-owning mom. I plan on grilling her this weekend when I go home. Just a heads up, Mom :)

I've been selling my jewelry on consignment to Haven for over a year now (over a year!). They have the perfect market for my work and I love them. But, really, I need to get super serious. I'll be very busy making a big order for Haven in time for Plymouth's Art in the Park. I also might be taking part in an artist event at the end of July. I find out tomorrow for sure and, if so, the details. It would be kind of a big deal, so I'm really crossing my fingers!

I got a couple wedding planning books with my sister a while ago and they completely outline and list everything that has to happen for a wedding. Really, the detail into which they go is crazy! The writers of wedding books totally need to get together with the writers of business books and have book babies. Just sayin'.

I'm sorry this post is a little unreadable. My head is kind of full and unsettled these days.

Here's to deep breaths!


Karen said...

Yes, deep breaths. Perhaps, ouija breaths!

Great that you have a business owner in the family who can give you great advice.

I also recommend the Crafting an MBA blog which has had some advice that I have found helpful.

I look forward to hearing more about this exciting adventure!

Lisa at Lil Fish Studios said...

It is a lot to get your head around, but I'm quite sure that you'll handle it just fine. I'm excited at the prospect of seeing more of your work, will you be focusing on your Etsy shop too?

Chelsea said...

i can't wait to meet your loom!!!!!!

Brittany Noel said...

Hmmm... I posted a comment in reply to Karen and Lisa yesterday and it seems to not have worked :( I'll do it again!

Karen - Yes, I'm really excited to be able to sit down with my mom and pick her brains about this stuff. I was only 15 when she started her shop, so I didn't have an interest in the gritty details at the time... I love Megan Auman's CMBA blog! She is such an incredible resource.

Lisa - Yes, so much to get my little head around... I'm working on it though! Eric and I are going to design my own website for these things (including the blog eventually) and so I'll probably start a Big Cartel shop so that I can link directly to that. I'm debating about whether or not I should keep Etsy. It's still open... Decisions!

Chelsea, I can't wait to meet it either! I called the guy today and he said it might not get here until next week now... :(