Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Ever since I got my new bike in June, I've been peaking into the world of biking and bike loving. Bikespotting will by my new Wednesday feature every week. Some weeks may be simply photographs of bikes around my town or the internet. Some may be links to great articles. I think we'll take it as it goes and see where we end up, shall we?

Speaking of loving bikes, I think these two bikes love each other. I'm usually not into his and hers type deals, but this is the right kind of adorable.

Oh, and did I mention I love my own bike, too? Here she is, parked outside the bakery this afternoon while I was inside buying some lovely local treats. Her tires are terribly dry-rotted. They're downright falling apart! Poor girl, I'm hoping to get some new tires next week.

I also desperately need a basket. Eventually, I want to have both a front and rear baskets. For now, I've been hanging my purse and any bag(s) I need to take with me from the handlebars, but this results in much wobbliness. Not good when I'm biking to work through a crowded Kellogg Park. No, sir.

So, baskets:

I just love the look of this one. It's a little smaller than my ideal size, but man it would look so great!
This lovely wire beauty is still about the same size as the wood one. But, the perk here is that it slides off, so I could carry it around, say, the farmer's market if I wanted to.

There's also a huge, gigantic basket made for delivery people and groceries. I think it's so big that I would have to only put it on when I knew I was lugging some serious stuff around. I'm still undecided on the viability of this. It would all depend upon the ease of installation of both baskets...
Don't you just love this rear rack? The wood is such a classic, lovely touch. I'm not sure if I would be able to attach rear side baskets to it, though? Do you know? I would also consider a pair of gorgeous canvas panniers. Those require some investment.

Do you have a bike? What are your favorite load-bearing options?


Matt Chung said...

I have a rack on the back of my bike, it is not as awesome as that wood one tho. But if I need to haul a lot of stuff i bungee cord a milk crate onto it!

Chelsea said...

ive seen those his/hers bikes too!

i see the milk crate/bungee thing a lot. you should see my rack once i get it put on. we need to go for a bike ride. i am majorly feeling the absence of such adventures in my life.

Anonymous said...

I see a beautiful linen removable liner/sack in that wire basket's future!

Brittany Noel said...

Yes, I know all about the milk crate thing. It's really useful, but I'm looking for something really cute, haha. If I had a milk crate, I'd probably be using it if I also had a rack...

Chels, I'm glad you've seen those bikes, too! I'd like to go for a bike ride :)

Carrie, that would be awesome! I should start thinking about that.

t does wool said...

love your bike spotting Brittany...those baskets add a vintage touch!