Monday, July 19, 2010


On Saturday, we went to Murray's Lake with my sister, Ashley, and her boyfriend, Isaac. We had such a good time! Last year, Eric and I went there several times, but we hadn't gone yet this year. I really have no explanation. I love this place. And Eric has so many great memories from his childhood. There's a tree with his name on it! Not that I condone tree-carving...

The boys briefly bonded over fishing. We didn't last long at this spot. There were no fish, and it was not quite a prime swimming spot.

But, we did eat our sandwiches on the grass there! Ashley made them and they were super delicious. Mine and Eric's were deli sandwiches and Ash made chicken salad for herself and Isaac. It was exactly what I needed.

We finished the rest of our picnic lunch/dinner on the little island at the big red picnic table. Doesn't painted a picnic table in a glossy red make all the difference?

We caught fish! They were all blue-gills and they flocked to the worm as soon as it touched the water. They totally know what's up.

This is another little lake within the park. It's a lot bigger and Eric says that it's much bigger for fishing. I'd love to put a kayak in here and just lounge and paddle around.

I love the old, clean architecture of the bathroom/snack bar building.

My sissy wading. I didn't realize how much I liked this picture until I got home and looked at it on the computer.

I didn't really plan right away to take this picture, we didn't coordinate it or anything. I just saw that they were going to jump together and my lightning-fast reflexes grabbed my camera, turned it on and took the picture. I'm so proud of myself! It was at the perfect time. I think this photo just about sums up the day. Double date fun.

Also, we went and saw "Inception", the new movie with Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ellen Page, and a whole bunch of other awesome actors and actresses. I didn't really know what to expect, as I hadn't read any reviews or seen any previews for this movie. But...

I LOVED IT. Seriously. Go see it. It's not just a crazy action/thriller (it is thrilling), but it's really smart. Part of the premise is the technology to go into people's minds through a dream state. I won't tell you more, since I really loved everything about the movie being a surprise. There is some cool science involved, and some general really smart thinking. There were no obvious plot holes or science holes that weren't filled. No, I'm not a movie reviewer, but I very highly recommend this movie. I loved it and we're seeing it again next weekend.

I never see movies in the theater twice. In fact, I rarely go to the theater at all.

How was your weekend? Was it crazy hot by you too?


Matt Chung said...

So fun! I miss going on adventures with you and eric! ahhhhhh. michigan.

My weekend was super hot, but Corey and I went and hiked around Chimmney Bluffs! It is a state park on the shore of Lake Ontario about an hour away from here. It was really great, I took some film shots :).

Carlene said...

These are great pictures, I love the one with the fish!!

Also, where'd you get that necklace? Did you make it? I love that.

Brittany Noel said...

Matt!! I want you to come to Murray's Lake with us... I miss you. Chimney Bluffs sounds awesome! And the Google pictures are great, so I can't wait to see your film.

Carlene, aren't the little fishies great? I did make my necklace! Thanks so much :) It's part of a new collection I'm in the process of designing. Things are getting serious around here!

Ashley said...

Ahh, Saturday was perfect! Post the jumping in the water picture of me and Isaac on facebook pleease. Can't wait for the next few weekends!

P.S. Reserve a campsite!

Brittany Noel said...

Hey Sissy!! I put the photo up on FB and Isaac made it his profile pic like 10 minutes later. Haha, he's so on the ball. Love you!

Lisa at Lil Fish Studios said...

Looks like an awesome day. The light on the water is beautiful.

Brittany Noel said...

I'm so glad we both had fun weekends, Lisa!

Anonymous said...

Your necklace is so adorable, oh yeah and that little fish you caught too.... haha!

I remember the posts from last year --- looks like a gorgeous spot!

Brittany Noel said...

Hi Carrie! Thanks, I really love that style of necklace. I made another one with a single pearl on the bottom (it's kind a biggish pearl, though not very big) and I've been wearing it every day. I'm designing bracelets to go with the necklaces, too :) And I'm working on other designs with a similar look to them (ie, including the braid).

I loved catching the little fishies! I only caught three before I was ready to stop and go swimming though. It really is an awesome spot. I can't wait to go back next week.