Thursday, July 16, 2009


days in a row! I'm doing so well. Today was so very long. Went to the market, landscaped Eric's great-uncle's house, went to work, came home, posting this. But, tomorrow we're going to the Ann Arbor art fair! Hooray!

Today's photos are a nice little mix. First, a market day on July 2. And then Gracie eating sour blueberries (or bluebs, as my sisters and I call them).

look at that spread!!

that's local honey and my own little garden bouquet in the background :)

hilarious, no?

she started making fake sour faces, too, since we thought it was so darn funny!

What have you been up to in the past couple of weeks? It's hard catching up on blogs after a while... Have you been going to your local farmer's market? What's in season where you are? If not, what have you been cooking/enjoying/reading/listening to (I'm obsessed with Regina Spektor's new album, "Far")/making?


Ahip said...

Ahhh, blueberries... I just ate some and felt compelled to comment just out of happy fulfillment... You've got some great posts here.


Brittany Noel said...

Hi! Thanks for peeking in :) Blueberries are so amazing, and I really can't go the summer without them, especially here in MI, where they really are oh so good!