Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The 2008 Michigan Fiber Festival

This past weekend I went to the Michigan Fiber Festival in Allegan, MI. I've gone the past two years with Eric, but this year I went it alone. Sad. But, it was still a fun trip!

This guy was selling his beautiful handmade spinning wheels. Want one!

This is Oscar the lovely angora rabbit. He is a grand champion.

Mama alpaca with her two babies. Little one is from this July, big brown one is from last year. They're both from the same papa. Love mama's hairdo :)

Love this llama's hair! She was nice and soft. And nervous.

This guy was selling raw llama fiber. I bought some brown. Yum.

Can't remember what kind of sheep this was... I like this picture a lot, though.

This lady's name was Carol. I don't know the sheepie's name... She's was nervous, though.

This guy has bangs! Love it!

Cute little Shetland sheep. These are the kind that I want. Look at the beautiful multi-colored fleeces! I didn't see any Shetland wool for sale. Shame...

Lincoln sheep have the coolest fleece. Dense and curly. It's hard. Weird. But such a cool texture!

This angora goat is so hardcore.

This one was really curious. He liked my camera.

Second place angora goat fleece. It was soft and curly.

Sheep contest! I think this was for the winner of all the breeds, because these are all different breeds. I was sad that there were no Romneys this year. They're so big. You just don't know until you see one in real life. They're huge.


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