Thursday, August 21, 2008

There is a Cupcake World

So... I watch Martha Stewart. OK, I really like her. Anyway, this last week was Cupcake Week on her show! Hooray! I did a bit of research (Amazon, a couple blogs and websites) and found out that there is a whole wide world of cupcakes and cupcake lovers! And I'm turning into one of the latter. My sister loves baking, so I think we'll be making some in the next few weeks. Here's some inspiration for all of us!

Hello Cupcake
is a new cupcake bakery in Washington, D.C. By new, I mean brand new; Penny Karas just opened her doors this Monday, August 25th. Her website is really easy to use and I drool just looking at all of her lovely cupcake creations! If I could get any one cupcake from her, it would definitely be the Maya Favorite Cupcake. I just love spicy and chocolate!

Swirlz is in Lincoln Park outside of Chicago. Their store looks pretty cute. On Martha's website (this shop wasn't featured on the show), the featured cupcake from Swirlz was the Chocolate Passion Cupcake. I can see why. Here's's description: "the rich chocolate cake, bittersweet ganache, homemade passion-fruit curd, and passion-fruit buttercream are topped with delicious candied sunflower seeds." Yum.

I'll be posting more cupcakes as we get closer to making them and picking our recipes!

P.S. Sorry about the lack of posts recently. I was sick/had bad allergies this weekend, but I'm feeling mostly better now. Hooray! Also, I just realized I hadn't posted pictures of my loot from the fiber festival (for shame), so I'll be doing that tomorrow. Have lovely dreams of cupcakes tonight!


Jen of A2eatwrite said...

If you want some local inspiration, there's also Cake Nouveau in Ann Arbor on Fifth, just down the street from the People's Food Co-op. The woman who runs it one some sort of cupcake or cake challenge on the Food Network. Zingerman's also has some fun cupcake combinations.

Brittany Noel said...

I get so excited when I see you've commented on a post because I know it's going to be something good! I'm going to Ypsi sometime this week (hopefully), and maybe I'll stop in AA. I've been meaning to ask you, do you perhaps teach at UofM and then, were you working on the "Edibles" art show?

Chelsea said...

lets have a cupcake party. or lets go to a cupcake shop. YUM. we have some great ones here at my work too, all natural everything. are you free tuesday or wednesday? check out this woman too... i cant remember her baking site, but if you go through her pictures you should find it.