Sunday, August 10, 2008

Happy News

A wonderful new shop called Bohemian Home in downtown Plymouth is going to be carrying my jewelry starting in September! I'm so excited. I feel like the owners and the shop and their style and everything couldn't be a better fit! Every time I go in there, I get so excited that my jewelry is going to be in there. People are going to be seeing it in person and (hopefully) falling in love enough to buy it and (hopefully) at least be taking a business card. Of all the shops in dt Plymouth, Bohemian Home is best fit. It's new, there are always people in there, and they have a Newfie! I heart big dogs. I'll be designing this week so that when I go home this weekend, I can make lots of jewelry for them. Hooray!

Oh, unfortunately they don't have a nice website (i.e. it doesn't have photos), so I'll be taking some pictures on Tuesday so you guys can see what a nice shop it is. Why Tuesday? Because, like an idiot, I left my camera at school on Friday still plugged into the wall. So sad. It's ok though, security has it :)

For the sake of some visual stimulation, here are a few things I've really loved from my favorite blogs this week. Enjoy!

Suann at SimpleSong has made her current love/lust for wire baskets a contagious one. When she takes such nice pictures, who can help but want a few (hundred!) of them?

I absolutely love this pillow! The colors, the graphic quality, the fact that it's woven, love it all! I can't find where I saw it, though. If anyone recognizes it, please tell me. I hate to not credit such a lively find.

This linen bootie is awesome. I want a kid just so I can buy them a different pair for every day of the week! Not for a long time, though. Patricia over at A Little Hut designed and made it herself. Plus, linen is my favorite. If it's linen, I'll probably like it.

These lovely linen lined baskets are from the ever impressive Martha. She has a little tutorial on how to line them yourself, and I've been wanting to do just that with some of my new produce crates! I'll show you guys the finished product sometime :)

These gorgeous curtains (yes, they're a curtain!) are from Ravi Design Company. I didn't like much of their other stuff (it's a bit too dark grey for me) but these curtains are beautiful!

I love wood. I really do. Especially when it's showcased to nicely. Often, I find all white or off-white rooms a bit too cold. Not this one. The mix of tones and richness of all the texture makes this space so relaxing. I would love to have a room like that. Plus, the wood bowl is lovely. From Marie Claire Idees via the wonderful Poppytalk.

Hope you enjoyed these! I'll keep you updated with Bohemiam Home!



Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Congrats, Brittany! I'm sure that will be a great combination of your jewelry and their wonderful store!

Anonymous said...

congrats! that's so great about your jewelry! so exciting!
and thanks for the shout out + kind words. i love all your photos...especially those curtains + the amazing wood in that last photo. great pics!

Brittany Noel said...

Thanks guys! I'll keep you updated with pictures and stuff :) I made some jewelry last night that I really like. A couple pairs of earrings and a bracelet. Not much, but I'm happy and that's what really matters.