Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I've always loved these...

I did before then, but especially since I went to Disney's Animal Kingdom in Florida, I've loved Buddhist prayer flags. The setup for the Mt. Everest ride was so well done, that I was actually inspired and felt really calm (but excited for the ride, too!) and since then, I've wanted prayer flags to give me that feeling again. Granted, it was also the stones and the whole atmosphere of the Tibetan inspired walk to the coaster. Looking at the Pedlars online store (found from Cafe Cartolina, thanks!) I was reinspired to look for prayer flags. I think I'll buy some (eBay maybe? or somewhere else...) but I want something authentic. Not something that's been made and packaged especially for sale to a Western audience. I want something that has human energy in it. Hopefully, I'll find it.


Jen of A2eatwrite said...

I would check the Buddhist centers in Ann Arbor. I know one was on Washington, but I think it may have closed. There should still be one, though.

Chelsea said...

brian has some. i dont know where he got them - maybe orchid lane in ann arbor?

try this:

he would probably give you his, actually.