Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Yesterday, I opened at 5 (after the same number of hours of sleep), came home at 9:45, worked on homework, went to school at 12, started to feel sick at 5, then came home at 7. Eric carried my bags. It was the sweetest gesture and I was immeasurably, disproportionately grateful. I worked on more basketry until about 11, then went to sleep. This morning, I still didn't feel well. I'm starting to recuperate, but have a terror of a headache. That's ok, basketry is soothing, and my hands don't even hurt too badly.
Also, I'm listening to Pandora Radio on a station I made starting with Regina Spektor. It's lovely. I even discovered someone I really like! So much that I just spent the rest of my iTunes gift card on her second album. Missy Higgins. Go listen to her! And oh my goodness, I just went to her website and she's playing at the Royal Oak Music Theatre in March!

There are people working on the apartment below me. It's been empty for about a month now, but this morning it sounds like they are redoing everything! So loud. Not helping the aching head. That's ok, once more Pandora is helping.

Yesterday, shibori went pretty well. We're working on a 1yd long piece of fabric (has to remain whole) that includes two dye baths. For my first, I pleated some linen/rayon lengthwise, then polewrapped it. I think this bath will be... I'm not really sure. Something cool (temp. wise). Purple or blue probably... I'm in such a state with those colors right now. Maybe a really soft gray purple? Anyway, then I'll unfold everything and refold/clamp it in an accordion style so that there will be two rows of 4x5 rectangle images. These 4x5s will save the arashi (polewrapping). In the end, I would like it to resemble a series of photos (hence the 4x5 dimension), but of the variations that can happen when I surrender part of my control to the fabric and process. I think I'll dye it tomorrow, I'll post when I do!


Julia said...

I loved this post! I'm so sorry you're feeling so rough though! Hope today is HEAPS better :)

Brittany Noel said...

Haha thanks! I realized that I haven't been really saying anything in my posts lately, they're all done when I have like 10 minutes to quick post. I need to make more time. Today was lots better. Thank you for the hopes!

daisy janie : scoutie girl said...

Hope you feel better! I love where this image is going! Soooo cool.

I also love Regina Spektor and Missy Higgins!!!!!!!! We must be listening to the same pandora stations. I have one progammed for Feist that plays both these other ladies.

Brittany Noel said...

Hi Jan! Thank you so much! I'm really excited about this piece. I've figured out my colors and everything. We really must be listening to the same station. I think all those artists are just so related: Feist keeps showing up in mine!