Sunday, February 15, 2009

I promise I'll post something nice later

There is a really great multimedia show on The New York Times' website today about Pontiac, MI. Obviously, this struck a chord with me, as I'm seeing these things happen not just in Pontiac, but in other parts of Metro Detroit as well. Not to mention Detroit itself. I think this is a really well put together show. It's not just the photos that you probably would get in the paper, but they have a layer of sound of all these people talking about what the city is going through. First, they talk to the owners (husband and wife) of a Coney Island.

Then they talk to people who work at GM.

This is that guy's son.

My good friend Noah is doing his senior thesis in photography about Port Huron, MI which is having similar problems. They have a show up right now and I'll be going to the closing (instead of an opening) in a few weeks. I'll be anxious to see how these two bodies of work are similar and different.

Sorry to dampen your Sunday (or Monday), but I'll post something nice after this to make up for it. I really do suggest you go to the show on the Times' website (link on top) and watch at least the first two segments. The third is about a church, so if you want watch that too. The first two were much more powerful to me, probably because I'm not a churchgoer. The pastor does have some good things to say though.


heather smith jones said...

Thank you for the link Brittany and I wonder if you'll share photos from your friend's show?

Brittany Noel said...

Hi Heather! I'll definitely be sharing photos from the show. It's a show that the photo. senior class is putting on of all their work so far. My best friend Matt is in it, too. I plan on showcasing everyone I know in it :) Thanks for stopping by, Heather!