Friday, April 17, 2009


That's how warm it got today. It was amazing. I transplanted some of my sweet peas (ran out of containers) and I was HOT! Can you believe it?? I got a lot done this morning (swept the whole house, washed dishes, did laundry, ran a couple errands) and then Matt came over. We don't see each other enough, so it was really great to have him over for a while. He had to reshoot my environmental portrait b/c the other negatives got ruined :( But, it was fun and I think having a second go at it made this portrait even better! He gave me a polaroid of the shot without me, too. It's overexposed, but it has a cool color shift. I'll scan it in later and post it next.

I've been picking flowers and bringing them inside. Right now periwinkle and daffodils are blooming in front of my house. It's wonderful! The tulips will bloom soon, probably this week. Eric was the best boyfriend ever and ripped out a bunch of stuff in the backyard today. I'm so excited, I have a much better idea of my planting space now. And how little I have! Oh well. I think I can make it look great. I hope I can. If it's ugly... I've wasted a lot of time!

School is killing me right now, I'm so ready to be done. Only two more weeks, though. I'll be ok. I think I'll be there forever tomorrow, though! I'm excited about my final for shibori. I'll be doing a lot of dyeing for that tomorrow, so you'll see some great fabric.

Also, there are yard sales in Plymouth's Old Village tomorrow. Tons of them! Eric and I are so scouring them for anything awesome. I need a table and chairs desperately.

Sorry there are no photos in this post. I haven't uploaded them onto my computer yet. I promise I'll have a photo post tomorrow. Complete with the cutest photos of Gracie eating ice cream, my giant sweet peas, the glory that is my front yard, and more! Sounds like a commercial. Oh boy.

Till tomorrow!

P.S. Sorry I haven't been commenting on anything lately. I just don't have time that I can justify... I'm reading everything though :)


Lisa at Lil Fish Studios said...

I can almost feel the sunshine. Glad you got some puttering time. Hang in there on school, almost done, almost done!

Brittany Noel said...

It was so great! Oh man, two weeks feels like forever and no time all at the same time...

Meg in Nelson said...

Well, good for your Mom!! I found your blog in a roundabout way. Love your blog name as well as the content.

Love that you live with "Arty"!!

Brittany Noel said...

Hi Meg! Thanks for the super nice words :) Arty is my cat, her full name is Artemis. It's funny, but I never made the connection with Arty and art. Ha! I'm glad you did, though :)

I'm glad you stopped by!