Wednesday, April 29, 2009

so close.

the light was so nice and I was the only thing around... plus, I've been loving these earrings of late.

I finished it. Well, it still needs the big strap, but I bought that today. Joann only had enough for the two small pieces that attach to the sides.

One of the women at Haven wants me to make bags and clutches for them. I need to get faster. Does anyone know of a good pattern company for contemporary and practical bag/clutch/wallet sewing patterns. Simple too, since I'll be silkscreening the fabric. I need stuff to practice on.

I really like sewing.

What do you think?


Carlene said...

How nice to finally see you!

That bag is fantastic.

Erin said...

You MADE that bag? I love it. *jealous!* I wish I could sew. I actually bought some fabric at Joann to make a Moby Wrap for my bun in the oven :) but I need to sew part of it, and while I have a (really ancient) sewing machine, I have NO idea how to use it. It was my husband's grandmother's, she gave it to me right before she passed away last year, but it didn't come with a manual.

I miss seeing you at work (especially now that I am officially done working there, bummer)! We should hang out one of these days.

Brittany Noel said...

Carlene! I'm going to make your scarf next week! I can't wait :) I'm happy you like it, I always appreciate your opinion.

Hi Erin! I did make it :) I will teach you how to sew. That will be our excuse for hanging out, because I miss you too. My sewing machine is pretty much brand new. Maybe you should come over some time and we can work on your moby? Eric's mom has a super old machine which is what I was using before I got mine. They are so difficult! Text me or call me or email me or something if you wanna learn how to sew, it's waaay easy :)

Julia said...


Brittany Noel said...

Thanks so much Julia! I'm pretty excited... now that I have the whole strap on it, I can use it!!