Monday, August 17, 2009

The Fort I

We took Route 9 most of the way to Fort Ticonderoga. It is so windy and hilly in the Adirondacks! My car hated it, but we made it just fine.

There were lots of rocks along the way. I climbed some. It's so amazing to leave Michigan and to encounter things that are so common in other places. There are rocks everywhere to the East! They all have lichen and moss and plants growing over them. It's really beautiful.

On top of all the climbs and falls and windiness, it rained. Boo.

The first thing you see at the Fort is the trenches at the entrance. These are the real trenches dug by the French soooo long ago. It was really awesome to see them. Eric was very enthralled. We love anything with age, really. And something that was so important in history... I almost stepped on this little snake here because I was so enchanted.

Along this line of the trenches, queen anne's lace grew. Now I'm sure you can imagine my excitement as I discovered that my favorite wildflower was growing along something as incredible as an old trench. They were illuminated by the sun and it was very much as if they were planted there, like you would leave flowers at a grave. I doubt they were, since they're wild, but it was moving all the same.

As you enter the Fort, you encounter the wooden post wall. The wood is so so old (everything here is the original, real fort!) and weathered and soft looking. I love the repetition, with all of its breaks in the pattern.

The sky was getting very angry. I kept saying, "I don't want to drive through the mountains in this!" I was getting pretty nervous. But it made for some beautiful views from the top of the fort!

Old stone floors.



Jen of A2eatwrite said...

I love your observations of each detail! I was obviously reading backwards, but this is such a wonderful area.

Brittany Noel said...

Hi Jen! Lake Champlain was a wonderful area. Can't say the same for Lake George, as you've heard... It was so cool being in a place like this, because I could see every detail. I love old places...