Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Fort II

And this is when the rain came. It was a very serious downpour. We were pretty much stuck inside this one little room. We did eventually run out into another part of the fort. My hair was dripping after that!

Aren't all of these bottles so cool! I love the different sizes and colors. And the corks.

They had a bunch of these old powder horns (I think that's what they were). They were each hand carved. Some have pictures (layouts of forts and feasts and countrysides) and some, like this one, have words and designs. I think this one talks about where this horn was made and who owned it. I love the way the carving looks.

They had a little diorama of life-sized wax Black Watch men. They were the amazingly trained Scottish men. They played bagpipes as they went into battle as a fear tactic! I thought it was a little intense to have one of they guys with his leg gone! Poor kids...

I really liked the light on this wall. Also, that bench.

They had handmade windows just like the ones at Greenfield Village! Except these ones were cruder. I don't think they were as concerned with looks at a fort.

My Eric and Lake Champlain in the background. It was really beautiful there.

These little cannons shot mortars. Eric took these two photos. They looked like toads to me. Only when you can see their legs, though. Aren't they beautiful?

A close-up of the intricate carving.

Lake Champlain after the rain. We looked very hard, but saw no sign of Champ :(


Matt Chung said...

Awesome bottles!

Brittany Noel said...

I know!!! I loved them.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Oh, this makes me so nostalgic! D's parents had a house right near there and we used to go up and visit and go to the Fort from time to time. And I agree about the bottles, too.

Brittany Noel said...

It must've been so nice to be able to visit a house there! Eric and I decided that that was pretty much the only way you could get to the lake. Stay in a hotel, or own a house. The lakes are so beautiful!