Sunday, September 20, 2009

a bit of fall and friends

The fall part... Aren't these flowers so great?! They're Teddy Bear sunflowers and you need some. And back behind them is my little veggie bounty I have going on right now. Tomatoes (mine and some heirlooms from the market), green peppers, our peppers (habanero and cayenne) and a spanish sweet onion. Can't wait to eat all of it.

Chelsea and Grace came over on Thursday for dinner. We made a pattypan squash and pesto pizza. Yes, it was even better than you're thinking. The recipe was from Cooking Light. I totally suggest it. In fact, you must make in order to remain my friend. We made the pesto right before we put it on the pizza. Instead of butternut squash, like the recipe called for, we used the pattypan squash that Chelsea brought. And it was so very good. I saw some beautiful white pattypan squash at the Plymouth farmer's market yesterday, so if you're around me, you have to get some next week and make this pizza!


simplesong said...

i've never seen sunflowers like that ... LOVE them!

hope you had a great weekend!

Brittany Noel said...

I know, they're so unique! I'm having a very busy, but decidedly good weekend. Now, I'm sitting down to do some homework... Pattern design :)