Friday, January 15, 2010


this is not olga.

I am feeling majorly under the weather today. Suffice it so say that my head has somehow been filled with cement and my throat buffed with sandpaper. Bummer, right?

But, I didn't want to go without posting. What better topic than to celebrate a milestone for my dearest mum: Olga, her araucana chicken, has laid her first eggs!! I wish I was home to see (and eat) them. I can only hope (seriously) to celebrate this very thing sometime in my future. Mom, you're awesome and so are your chickens!!

p.s. That chicken, who is clearly not Olga, is a lone chicken who found me at, where else?, Greenfield Village some time ago. She, too, was a wonderful chicken.

Hope you are all feeling well :)


Matt Chung said...



t does wool said...

take up a little Brittany...and whoohoo for the egg laying!!

Brittany Noel said...

Thanks Theresa, I'm trying. At least today was weaving, that was fairly relaxing :)