Friday, January 8, 2010


hello again!

wow, that way-too-long blogging/flickr break was unexpected. i was still reading lots of blogs and leaving comments, but for reasons still unknown to me, i clearly was not posting. needless to say, i have missed this space and those of you who are kind enough to come visit me. with school starting on monday, i'll be posting a lot about what i'm working on and be more productive in general, so yay for that! while i greatly enjoy/need taking this break, i also get distressed about slacking.

news bulletin:

} i have been nominated by the head of my department (crafts) at school to apply for the windgate fellowship provided by the center for craft, creativity and design. basically, i have to write a proposal outlining what i will do with the money ($15,000) within 18 months of my graduation in may. i have just over two weeks left to write the proposal and i think i have a pretty good grasp on the bulk of it. the hardest part is simply deciding, and fairly definitively, on what the heck i want to do when i graduate! to give myself room for exploration, i'm focusing my grant money on building up studio supplies (the more portable or expensive ones, considering we'd like to move across the country) and attending fiber and general craft conferences, in order to familiarize myself even more with current craft issues and with the people in my field. i am also planning to do a lot of research that i think will inform my work (ooooh, i think i'll use that sentence in my proposal, sounds good, haha!). i'm still working this part out.... mostly research on entrepreneurship (taking classes if i can find relative ones) and issues that i would like to incorporate (i think my next focus will be on food systems).

} i had a really great christmas!! i took 5 whole days off work to go home and see my family. we had lots of fun and ate so very much good food. since my mom is awesome, i got a bunch of handmade gifts (including french press knit slippers!!). oh, and for new year's eve, eric and i headed out to chelsea's place in ypsilanti for the night. it was so nice to have a chill, but super-fun night. i almost never do anything exciting for new year's.... we played a lot of catchphrase and made fun of pop culture. is there anything better? oh yeah, bree made amazing chili. even better.

} speaking of chelsea (seriously go visit her blog, she has wonderful writing), we're talking about starting a weekly post together, which will be so much fun. hooray for collaboration!

} i'm really excited about the letterpress class i'm taking this semester. hooray!!

i suppose i'll leave you with these things. i promise i will not leave again, it made me quite sad. i missed you guys!


Lisa at Lil Fish Studios said...

Welcome back. 15 grand! Woo hoo...that's a lot of fiber, my friend. I'll be doing my best good luck dance for you. You absolutely deserve it.

Brittany Noel said...

Hi Lisa! I know, it's a lot... I'm so nervous! Thanks for the dance :)

H.M. said...

Congratulations on that huge nomination, Brittany! That's a big deal! You've got such a good, creative mind ... you'll know just what to write and propose.

I've tiptoed back into Blogland, even though the Cupboard has had its hatches battened down. I'm in a sparse space -- pop in, if you like. Your company always made me feel good.


simplesong said...

good to see you back + thanks for the update! congrats on the nomination!

Brittany Noel said...

Helen!! I'm so happy to see you again! Well, read you? Anyway, thank you for taking the time to stop over here, it is hugely appreciated. I miss your little Cupboard, what a cheery place to visit :) I love your new space, though.

Suann - Hi! Thanks so much, I'm equally nervous and excited. Thanks for stopping by :)