Tuesday, January 12, 2010


i have been aware of the power of objects for quite some time. at least, the power they have over me. i have collected objects for pretty much as long as i can remember. when i was little, it was always rocks and shells. my family used to go camping at the same campground many times each summer. my sisters, our friends and i would spend so much time down at the water catching minnows and frogs, putting them in buckets for a while, then letting them go again. i did this for so much of my time there that on the drive home and all that day whenever i closed my eyes i saw minnows dancing, swimming. i loved this. like i could take a bit of that place home with me. my physical attempt was in the rocks and shells. especially rocks. i had so many. i think my mom got a big fed up with my attempts at amassing a collection. i just loved them.

i still feel the same way about objects. especially vintage or antique. the story they tell. with the rocks, it was my own story and the story of my favorite place. with vintage objects it's the story of the object's use, the people who valued it (or didn't), the places it's been.

i did not intend to go on like this. my original goal was to tell you how i felt about objects and the way the influence an experience. in this case, my new tea kettle (as opposed to my ugly, ucky old one), my beautiful double walled glass tumbler and the super yummy tea that i just made.

also, i got these books. i can't wait to expand my knowledge on preserving and gardening with the intention of eating and doing as much as i can with my own hands. here's to more jam and preserves and, this year i'm determined, pickling!


i always feel compelled to sing my name on these long posts...


Quilt Architect said...

I really liked collecting rocks as a child. My mother gave me egg cartons for me collection. I even decorated the cartons with collages.

I like collecting things as well. I especially like to collect things that people used before electricity.

I love tea as well. My friend Ancient Cloth gave me a tea cozy ...you can see here.

I started making her one...but this one didn't make the grade.

Perhaps these post will inspire you to make a tea cozy for your tea pot.
Have a great day.

Brittany Noel said...

Egg cartons, genuis!! I just thought, too... what about egg cups? What a cool way to highlight a couple favorite tocks!

I've always liked tea cozies, but I only drink one cup at a time, so I don't even own a tea pot... I love them, the idea and the ritual... But I just don't do it! Maybe I'll have a tea part someday and make a cozy for it :)