Monday, January 25, 2010


Oh my goodness, I was gone forever. With school starting, time goes all wonky and I didn't even realize that it had been so long since I last posted. And in the middle of a giveaway. Geez. Speaking of which, my 300th blog post giveaway is still underway! You have until this Friday, Jan. 29 to enter. GO ENTER!! I just finished weaving the fabric last night and will wash it tomorrow. I'm so happy with how it turned out! My first foray into 8 harness weaving was officially a success. It's pretty much the same as 4 harnesses, but with more harnesses. Obvious, I know. I always kind of thought that maybe it was trickier or something. Nope. Just more setup! Silly me, right? And now, I must decide on my next project... I may do a rug, actually. I've always wanted to, and I definitely want to before I graduate and am on my own. I know that Mollie would always answer my questions if I emailed her, but I feel more comfortable tackling these things while still under her wing. Also, Susan and Angela are always so kind (and weave beautiful things!). I think that weaving will always be a part of my life. I badly hope that I will find the funds to purchase my own loom when I graduate. I want an eight harness Baby Wolf.

Sadly, pictures are going to have to wait until tomorrow, after I have washed the fabric. Can't wait to see it all fresh and clean!

And now, pictures:

Ashley (my sister) and I each made a batch of chili last Tuesday. It's so nice to cook together. It's like bringing some home to each other, kind of like we're channeling mom, but making our own way. In my little kitchen. One batch was made with venison that my dad harvested. I had a phase when I though it was terrible that he hunted the poor little deer. But, I'm more grown up now and I realize that his actions are so much more noble than the meat we eat from tortured, sick animals raised in CAFOs. If you haven't watched "Food, Inc." do so immediately. We all need to see the way that most of our food is made (manufactured is a better word), so that we can make more informed decisions. This summer, I will preserve so much more. I will cook all the time. I will volunteer at a local farm. I will truly participate in the creation of at least some of my food. I have started reading "Independence Days" by Sharon Astyk. I've only read the introduction, but I can tell I will love this book. She has already talked about how cooking and eating together is one of the biggest ways in which we can foster community and friendships. It's intimate. It's beautiful. Chelsea and I cook together a lot. It's wonderful. I love it. I wish we could do it more.

I feel like I'm going through an emotional and intellectual growth spurt this year. I keep seeing things I didn't see before, or ones I had but in a new light. I've talked to a couple of my friends about this already, and am still kind of seeing where I'm going with it all.

I also saw Chelsea and Grace last Tuesday. We didn't cook together, but we ate together. We ate food from a local deli called Simple Sandwich in Plymouth. Their sandwiches and soups are so good. They make them every day. They are awesome people. She is growing up so fast. I remember when she was much smaller and didn't even remember me between visits. Now, she runs to me and fills my heart with joy. As does her mother.

The incinerator was running the other day. I can't believe that it wasn't voted out when there was a chance. Such poison.

We got seeds for Rizzo. She lives on them now, instead of sand. She was eating the sand and it kept making her bloated. Suddenly, she would be really fat one day. Strange. I love the way the seeds look in there. So much texture. She is getting so big. I love the way her front legs look like a bulldog's. Bulldog Rizzo.


Chelsea said...

i LOVE this post. oh my word, and that picture of grace is amazing.

i'm glad the evening ended up as so and i can't wait to see you tomorrow. everything falls into place. i am still thinking about your comment on my last post..will write more later.

French Press Knits said...

Yay for the cool teapot making the blog :)

Brittany Noel said...

Chelsea, I'm glad you liked it. I thought of you when I wrote it. Not just because I talked about you. Isn't she sweet in that photo?

Melynda - I know! I had to sneak it in somehow...

Lisa at Lil Fish Studios said...

Oooh, one of my favorite topics - hunting for food. Having grown up hunting and eating wild game AND having lived on a commercial beef farm, I know firsthand the effects of both. This will have to be a topic of conversation when we finally meet! In the meantime, you have to check out the new blog I'm in love with, the aptly named "honest food blog" at I love it.

Brittany Noel said...

That blog is so awesome! Definitely going in my reader. You lived on a commercial beef farm? Oh man, that's crazy. Yes, meeting, we will talk.

Vaughan Ling said...

is rizzo related to jon rizzo in the woodshop by any chance?

Brittany Noel said...

Haha! I'll have to run that by him and see how he feels. Perhaps distant cousins?