Sunday, March 14, 2010

.impromptu sledding.

To get to the beautiful Lake Michigan beach, my friend Ashleigh and I had to foot-sled down the snow-covered stairs that are so prevalent in this park. There were no falls! I love this park (Rosy Mound State Park in Grand Haven, MI) the most out of all the parks in Grand Haven. Yes, way more than the Grand Haven State Park. Far too busy for me. And half of it is a parking lot for RVs. Sadly, you can't camp at Rosy Mound, but it is a beautiful hike. The trails first take you through the woods, where there are valleys and hills and sneak peeks of the beach. Once you get down the hill on the edge of the forest, you can either go straight to the beach or you can wander along the sand first, saving the best for last. We were tired and eager, so we went straight to the beach this time.

If you're ever in the area, this park and P.J. Hoffmaster in Muskegon are so worth it.

I hadn't really intended for this post to be like a sales pitch... It just kind of ended up that way. I try to walk Rosy Mound every time I go home, except in the deep winter.

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