Friday, March 19, 2010


For the solar plate project in my letterpress class, I decided to print my mom's chicken, Badger. Because she's awesome. Solar printing is a very rare process these days. The way we did it was by first printing out a digital negative. We used that negative to expose the orange solar plate in the darkroom. Once the plate is exposed and developed, you can print from it just like you would any other plate. My friend Kaitlin and I have been solar plate fiends the past couple of weeks, with Jessica joining in this past Wednesday. Each plate only provides about 25 prints before it starts to deteriorate :( This first run was with a black ink, and this past Wednesday we printed with a really beautiful brown ink. I'll have those pictures up either tonight or tomorrow.

I will probably be selling these prints, especially if anyone expresses interest.

I plan on making another plate this week. I haven't quite decided on an image for it yet, but I'm leaning toward one of my Greenfield Village images from last year... Which I can't find. I know I posted at least a couple of posts of photos. Do any of you remember them? Hmmm, mystery. Anyway, I'll be making another plate for another edition of 25.

Hope the weather has treated you as nicely as it has treated me these past few days :)


katy elliott said...

Wow that's neat.

French Press Knits said...

Wow! I'm in awe. That looks liek such a cool process.

Jimmy said...

I'd buy one, especially if i could get it in early May, my mom loves chickens.

Brittany Noel said...

Thanks Katy :)

Melynda, I love the whole process of it. It's great. I want to print as many as I can before this class is over!

Jimmy, I'll save one for you! Would you prefer the brown print?