Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Hello from the ladies here at the Broas residence in good ol' Grand Haven. They are busy pecking stuff, laying eggs and making funny chicken noises. As always, I love being home and am feeling sad about my departure tonight... At least I have a lovely boyfriend to go to my "other home" to!

Coming up this week (it's my spring break, so I have some time to post!): step-by-step images (kind of) of my last two projects, the rug I dyed and wove and my solar plate print of Badger (the black and white chicken). Hooray! Either this week or next (most likely next) I'll update you guys with my senior show, I'll have five more images ready to print, yippee! I've been freaked out these past couple of weeks what with midterm and all... Only 6 more weeks left. Arghhhh!

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