Monday, September 27, 2010

.essay : hines.

some beautiful images from our second photo shoot!
aren't jessica and abby great?
oh, and the jewelry, too :)




the home ground shop opens october 14th!

all photography by megan boltz :


Lisa at Lil Fish Studios said...

Absolutely stunning, Britt. I can't wait until you open your doors.

Brittany at Home Ground said...

Thank you so much Lisa! You're so sweet :) I can't wait either, it will be such a relief to finally have it all ready.

the rikrak studio said...

oh these are amazing photos and amazing designs! love it!

& thanks so much for being part of the blog-a-thon!

Brittany at Home Ground said...

Thanks K! I really appreciate the kind words :) I think your blog-a-thon is such a great idea!

Mandy said...

So pretty~ pictures and the pieces themselves! Have a great weekend! (Over from rikrak!)

Jonny T said...

Do you sell antlers?!!!

Brittany at Home Ground said...

Thank you Mandy! You have a great weekend too :)

Brittany at Home Ground said...

Haha, no I don't, Jonny. I sell jewelry. The antlers are actually a branch that my friend has. Pretty great, huh?