Friday, September 24, 2010

.witches lake.

ahhhhh, here we are, back at vintage photo friday.
thank goodness, i missed it terribly last week!
i was so hung up on showing that lovely photo of my mom that didn't post anything at all.
you see, we don't have a scanner right now. which is, indeed, sad.

so, for now, i'm relying on a bunch of photos that my great-aunt scanned in.
she gave me a disc of them.
i am grateful, for sure.

sadly, the images aren't named.
and so, i have no idea who these handsome devils are.
i don't really know the history of the men in my mom's family tree.
i love this image, though, because it's kind of the epitome of summer.
i went to a summer camp for a couple weeks each year.
my sisters and i absolutely loved it.
i'll be these guys had a cooler experience, though.
lighting fires in the woods (hopefully keeping smokey the bear in mine),
pitching cloth tents,
and all manner of useful, but very fun, things.

so, in homage to the time that has just passed...
so long, summer!

and to the time that is now coming...
why hello there, fall!

( switch those to winter and spring, of course, if you're in our friendly hemisphere to the south )

i hope you have a lovely friday!

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