Monday, November 1, 2010

.daily film : melitta.

i love brewing coffee with this beautiful object. my parents are friends with a couple who have built their own ceramic and glass studio. they're super cool. mark, who is the primary ceramic artist, made a batch of ceramic melittas last year. i love mine so much. the naked clay is beautiful. the light coming through the filter is lovely.

i think i need to make this a part of my morning routine more often. i go to my starbucks (since i work there) a lot in the mornings, but on my mornings off, i need to spend more quality time with my melitta.

what's your favorite part of your morning routine?


Matt Chung said...


I really need to get one of these.

Brittany at Home Ground said...

Yes you do! Maybe you could come visit Mark & Kathy over X-mas break. Or, I could pick one up for you then, too.