Thursday, November 4, 2010

.daily film : the village.

no, not the movie 'the village', though i do like it. greenfield village, of course! as you saw yesterday, this week has been very cold in southeast michigan. the perfect weather for lounging in bed and getting out the down comforter. so cozy.

these are a couple of my favorite bedrooms in greenfield village. both are color slide film, which i absolutely love to use! too bad it's so darn expensive to have processed...

isn't the quilt on the first bed just gorgeous? greenfield village has some really great textiles in their collection. love!

p.s. this is where eric and i are getting married! in exactly a year from tomorrow. our ceremony will be in the martha mary chapel and the reception will be in the eagle tavern, which is a michigan tavern from the 1850s. it's so beautiful inside. and there will be two fires lit! it'll be so wonderfully cozy. looking back, i can't believe that i never posted the photos from my "you're getting married here" tour of the chapel and tavern. note so self!


Anonymous said...

where does one get a gorgeous headboard like that!

Brittany at Home Ground said...

I know, aren't they gorgeous! If you wanted one just like that, you'd have to find an antique... Wish they still made furniture like that. Thanks for saying hi, Alyce :)