Wednesday, November 24, 2010


after "leafing through" toast's online catalogue this morning, i think i can finally say that i'm ready for snow.

hand painted ornaments? yes please!

and if only i could still knit, these knit stockings are too funny with all their bulges.

after i was finished hanging said ornaments and working on said stockings, i would definitely feel the need to cook. i haven't decided what i would make with this olive oil, but isn't the container just so pretty?

at the end of the night, after the snow has made it quite difficult to leave the house, i'd just slip on these super cozy slippers and watch "white christmas" with a warm cup of tea.

have you gotten snow yet? i know at least a couple of you have.

we've had rain this week. an absolute deluge! but, snow might be coming later in the week. yay!


Jesse said...

Those ornaments are gorgeous!

Brittany at Home Ground said...

Hi Jesse! Aren't they just?