Thursday, November 18, 2010

.facet + feather.

i really love the way these two sets of images play off of one another.

first of all, i'm so into facets right now. as you will see in the home ground winter collection. particularly, i love irregular faceting. the regular, super shiny ones are not so me. so, it's really no surprise that these wooden pendants from studio fludd are just calling to me.

the way the paint has been sanded off of the corners really makes the piece, don't you think. that one detail softens the wood visually and creates a lot of character. (via heysusy)

i found the shop kittens & crumpets several days ago. for the life of me (and i feel really bad) i can't remember the winding path of blog hopping that brought me to her shop, which was on vacation at the time. well, this week she's back! both of these beautiful illustrations are offered as single cards, though i don't know that i could part with one.

i'd definitely be buying them as wall art.

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