Thursday, July 10, 2008

It Was a Chelsea Morning

... and the sun poured in like butterscotch and stuck to all my senses.

Is there anything better than waking up to an open window with morning sunlight streaming in? 
Perhaps sitting next to said open sunny window with your favorite mug (thanks Audrey!) full of delicious caramel rooibos tea.

The Northville farmer's market is much better (in my opinion) than the Plymouth one. They actually had produce in Northville! And my strawberry mission has been successfully fulfilled. Now, to make jam!

I think I'll just eat these. And maybe do some pit spitting as well!

I don't think I got enough blueberries to make jam, but I might still crush some of them and put them over the lemon custard Guernsey ice cream we bought. Mmmmmmm.


Chelsea said...

i had coconut milk ice cream (no dairy no soy, just coconut...its by purely delicious) and i put blueberries on top (michigan ones!) and cinnamon graham cracker sticks. it was incredible.

i miss you. we have a ton of local produce at work right now and i think you should come check it out. have you ever even been there?

Ruthie said...

Gorgeous. :-)

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Brittany Noel - thanks for stopping by my blog - nice to see another area blogger! I've wondered about the Guernsey Lemon Custard ice cream.

We bought blueberries and cherries this morning, too, albeit at the A2 farmers market!

Brittany Noel said...

Chelsea: I will stop by your work sometime this week maybe? Call me soon!

Ruthie: Thanks!

Jen: The lemon custard is so good. Delicious. Also, I just found out they have yogurt at their store in Northville. Haven't tried it yet...