Friday, July 18, 2008

Yesterday, Thursday, I went to the Ann Arbor Street Art Fair. I went with Eric, Matt and Noah. It was so hot. The air was broken at work and then it was hot outside. It's gross, but I was basically sweaty all day. Ick. We didn't get to everything, but I saw a few artists that I really 
First, is Doug Odom. He's an "outside artist", someone who is not formally trained in the arts. He's from Alabama. Matt had seen his paintings when he went earlier and wanted to show us. We talked to him a bit and he has the funniest laugh ever. He was so cheery and had that Southern Alabama drawl and a laugh that was actually a cackle. I liked him a lot. He doesn't have a website (unfortunately, I also wish he had a blog), but I found this picture of him and some of his work on this website. It's about a show he did at Virginia Beach.

"I love the state of Alabama," he told two young women in bathing suits. "So I put in all kinds of things from Alabama - leaves, dirt, sawdust, roof tar."

This woman, Janice P. Ho, was really cool, too. She was really nice when Matt and I talked to her and I was attracted to the shapes and feelings in her jewelry. One, she seems interested in sustainability. The photo above is of a necklace called "Poof Poof Tree". At the show, there was a description next to it saying something about how the tree can shelter the emerald on the bottom. The photo below is a brooch called "River". You can see the movement in the leaves.

This guy above is Dylan Strzynski. There are geodesic domes and windmills in his paintings. Which are made with printing plates that he etches. He manipulates his paintings throughout the whole process using both additive and subtractive methods.

I only got to see the Ann Arbor Fiber Guild's booth as they were closing. I found some really nice yarn that I will have to go visit tomorrow! I couldn't really see much else...

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