Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Scary State Fair

I went to the Michigan State Fair last Friday. I only went for the animals (Eric hates carnival rides) and wasn't too disappointed. The fair itself is in a really bad part of Detroit and is so very depressing to go to and leave from. Unfortunately, my camera died before we got to the Miracle of Life barn. There were baby sheep, piglets (two hours old!) and baby quails, chickens and ducks. How cute! I also couldn't get any pictures of the bunnies or chickens or doves. They were pretty outrageous!

This guy was doing a show and these two kids were so cute! Earlier in the show, he stuck the piglet up the boy's shirt! Ha!

I liked this pig. She was pretty cool. Look at her eyes. You know, pigs are pretty intelligent.

The horses were all getting groomed and dressed up for their competitions. Did you know they spray-paint their hooves black? Ew.

The winning Clydesdale horse pair. That is the derby queen. She was given to the winner and got to ride out of the coliseum with him and wave her hand. Pageant style. I laughed.

So many cows!!! I don't really like this kind...

Wall o' wool!

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