Friday, September 26, 2008

I Won I Won!!!

Oh my gosh. I just won another blog contest. Beware friends, I'm taking over!!! It's from one of my favorites: Broadway Paper. I won a card that says "Work Blows" and has a blowfish on the cover. I told Tracie about Eric's mom, who's worked at the same place since she was 19 and has a jerk boss. Tracie picked me so I could give the card to her!!! She's going to absolutely love it. She has a really great sense of humor. I can't wait to see her face :)

I finished my scarf today! I'm really excited. I didn't get a chance to take pictures of the whole thing off the loom (as soon as I got home, Eric and I saw Kung Fu Panda at the Penn Theatre in Plymouth), but I will take some tomorrow :) I have some here and on Flickr of it still on the loom. I'm really happy with my colors and my striping. I also worked purely intuitively on this one. I really enjoy that way of working. The only thing is... I think I wove it too tightly. I picked a 15 dent reed (for thinner thread) because my warp is pretty thin. But, I wove with Lamb's Pride worsted weight, which is thicker. So.... the Lamb's Pride doesn't feel all fluffy and soft like it should. I'm hoping it'll soften when I wash it? Crosses fingers.

Actually.... I'm feeling way too tired to edit and upload my pictures... I will tomorrow after work. Expect to see them around noon. I'm sorry!!

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t does wool said...

I'll be looking forward to seeing the pictures!