Monday, September 22, 2008

More Printing!

I silkscreened some more fabric with the text and octopus thing images today. We had to use commercially patterned fabric. I found some cool linen-blend fabric that's loosely woven and stretchy. It's really weird fabric, but nice and interesting. Both pieces are oatmeal colored and one has dark brown stripes on it. I'll take some pictures tomorrow, since it's too dark right now. Just was excited and wanted to share.


Chelsea said...

I love your life. I really do.

Mine on the other hand - I shipped out a package on August 27th from etsy and the person still hasn't received it. It was sent to Spain. I asked at the post office and they said its possible that the customs office in Spain has it. Oy. Am I going to have to refund her money? This sucks!!! And, she could totally be lying too. Not that she would do that, but still.

Also, I will come visit you at work tonight, I am off at 8pm. I really want to find some cool stretchy patterned fabrics...all of that anthropologie browsing makes me antsy! are you busy during the day tomorrow?

Brittany Noel said...

I love my life more when you're around! But seriously, I do.

That sucks about Spain. I would give it a few more days... I haven't had to ship to another country yet.

Maybe come around 9, when I'll probably be taking my ten? Or whenever you get here from A2. Let's go to Joann tomorrrow! When can you? The best time for me would be after 5. Like 5-6:30? We should go to the Canton one. It's way closer.