Friday, September 5, 2008

Warp Mill . Beam . Heddle . Pedal

I learned how to set up a loom today! And started weaving. I love it. The whole process is perfect to me. It's very methodical and particular. Kind of like knitting. A lot of repetition. Lots of it. Our first piece is a sampler, so I'm trying all different weaves and a few different kinds of yarns.

Also, she wants us to experiment with non-traditional materials. As one might guess, I plan on weaving in some natural materials. I collected some black walnut leaf twigs today! They're beautiful. I put them in a little short vase and they look great against my blue wall. I think I'll just collect more for my weaving and keep these ones! I also want to try grass, branches with leaves on them still, newspaper and some other stuff.

My loom. It faces out the window.

The heddles have been threaded. One strand at a time. For all 120 strands of yarn.

My weaving! It's only somewhere around 2 inches, but it was fun. We spend all class setting up. It's a 6 hour class. I finished setting up and weaving this after class ended at 4.

My weaving close up. The paper towels are used to get rid of the separation between groups of yarn that were tied on together. See how it spreads out after a while?

Lovely. This yarn is rayon. The fabric will be so nice.


Jason said...

Brittany, this is Jason from the Rag & Bone Blog. You won our little contest, but I don't know how to get in touch with you - other than leaving this comment! Please contact us at the Rag & Bone Blog and we'll set you up with your prize. Cheers! Jason

Micaela said...

Thanks for letting me loom or weave or whatever that thing is haha.


Brittany Noel said...

Mickey, you can weave on my loom any darn time you want! I had fun :)