Thursday, September 4, 2008

Birthday . School . Inspiration

I got a haircut. My friend Laura cut it! She is a senior at the Aveda Institute in Ann Arbor. It was fun, I got a good cut, got to hang out with my friend and it was only $16!

My sister Erika's birthday was this past weekend. We spend the weekend at my family's cottage, which was so nice. As a placeholder gift (the one I'm making isn't done yet), we got her some crazy candy. Pet rat, pet tarantula, etc... Yeah, they're full of bad stuff. It was fun though!


Well, it's back to school time. I had my first day of class today! My major studio class will be an independent study, but the class is grounded around the idea of the story and storytelling. Which is great because after that I have an english class about the Fairy Tale! I already have an inkling of my final project for that class. We have to write our own fairy tale and "illustrate" it with any medium. I'll put out my ideas as they become more concrete. Basically, I'm thinking fabric book with embroidery and beading as illustration (stories are about embellishment) and a fairy tale that includes animal characters and is about environmental or animal issues somehow. Poaching? Human-caused exctinction? Global warming? Hmmm... We'll see.

I'm excited.

Tomorrow, I have weaving. Oh, am I happy about that!

Also, Eric and I are going to the Plymouth Fall carnival tomorrow! Yay!

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Chelsea said...

busy tonight? i miss you. i want to come over and craft. i have a martha stewart magazine with fig recipes. yum.