Monday, November 3, 2008

Coffee and some Finds

views outside my windows. it was pouring and dreary earlier, but it got sunny and pretty!

new coffee at starbucks! I'm not trying to promote the company, i was just excited and so i got it as my markout this week. i'm gonna french press it tonight at my parents'!

beautiful calendar and print from new collaborative shop: hellohandmadepaperie. love the calligraphy with the illustrations.

fiona at cartolina cards has just put her cards up for retail sale at greetq! i love this pairing of a japanese print with the american font, especially for the holidays. what a beautiful, unexpected juxtaposition. fiona also has a gorgeous blog, cafe cartolina, where she shares inspiration and amazing finds pretty much every day! go there, you won't be sad you did. i promise.

also, since i'm going home for the next couple of days, i'll be showing you around my parents' house and probably giving you a peek of my mom's bead store, the creative fringe, and the rest of grand haven. yay!

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