Sunday, November 2, 2008

Etsy and the Holidays

OK. I don't have time. That's just something I have to come to terms with. All of my grand plans. Some of them are going to get cut. However. I've thought about it and I want to focus on just a few items for the holidays this year.

1.) Gift bags. These will be in varying sizes and in different fabrics (which, of course, I have printed on or something). Probably drawstring. Bigger ones with handles. Some seed packets, once I have that worked out (did I tell you I had to scrap the flaps?). I bought some really nice loosely woven natural cotton fabric today. Printing and dyeing will surely happen. Also, I splurged on some gorgeous silk fabric in dark brown and a lighter, greenish brown. It's so nice. I love it! It'll make really nice little bags. I think I'll bleach those out with silkscreen images. I think it'll look really really great! I'd love to get something in one.

2.) Small knit stuff. Mug cozies probably. Cute scrubbies/washcloths maybe. Handwarmers. Little things. Quick things. Any suggestions? Mostly neutral palette with little pops of deep color. I have some yarns already. Lamb's Pride mostly. My favorite wool yarn ever! Cleaners will all be cotton, of course. Probably organic. Handwarmers will be all kinds of lovely yarns. I have a design in my head for driving handwarmers. We'll see.

3.) Tazo tea box gift tags. I've been collecting the Tazo tea boxes from work (Starbucks) and cut a few circles out and they look so cute! So, I think I'll sell them as cheap gift tags in sets of each tea. Such as, an Earl Grey set with two Earl Grey teabags! It's not really creative, but man. I need me some monies. Maybe it'll work. I could even make gift bags in colors that matched the tea for a whole set. Is this all too "crafty" or something? What do you think?

As always, your suggestions or anything else you want to say is very much appreciated!

Hope you got an extra hour of sleep :)

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