Friday, November 28, 2008

So it begins

The holiday season. The real holiday season, not that crazy September stuff. Christmas music is about the only stuff you'll hear for the next month. I do love it. I really love the bigger sense of community this time of year brings. I've already given tons of change to the bell-ringers; there's one right next to the door of my Starbucks. People have been asking about the Christmas Blend for almost a month now!

OK, obviously I'm not trying to advertise Sbux on my blog or anything (I need to advertise myself!) but, every "Holiday Trio" drink you buy (espresso truffle, gingersnap latte, and peppermint mocha twist), Sbux will donate 5 cents to (Product) Red. I think the parentheses are on the right word... Anyway, that's a really really huge thing. Huge. Think of how many Starbucks there are. This campaign will give so much money to the AIDS crisis in Africa. I'm not telling you to go there, but if you do, get one of those! They're all really good. The ET is really rich, so beware.

Enough of that. In honor of the biggest consumerist push of the year, I'll be offering 20% off in my Etsy shop today through Monday! Yay! I'll be listing lots of stuff tonight and tomorrow, so keep checking in. I'll be listing recycled Tazo gift tags, jewelry, seed packets and maybe a few felt bowls. We'll have to see how much I can get done and then get listed.

I'm getting my sewing machine today! I am so very excited. I'll be able to do my homework at home! Wooooo! I'll also be able to make more seed packets and eventually more exciting things! I'll be burning my new screen on Sunday, so in the next week, I'll hopefully have some seed packets with that image on them too!

Happy shopping and relaxing everyone!


Lobster and swan said...

where is the link for your shop? : )

Chelsea said...

hey so we had this onesie for grace, two of them actually, one said "diape(red)" and the other one said "inspi(red)" i think. we got them at gap. i love that stuff. the red onesie (the inspi(red)) one was SOOOOO soft.

here's the brown one

i cant find a picture of the red one.

Brittany Noel said...

Jess - I guess I never put it on the side! I don't know which widget to use... I'll ask around. Thanks! Anyway, it's

Chels - those are so cute! I love the diape(red) one!

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Sounds like you've got a full time ahead!

I hope you're enjoying the new machine.

Brittany Noel said...

I love the new sewing machine! It's so gosh darn easy!

Matt said...

Hope you you had a great Thanksgiving. I got an early Christmas present this weekend too! My dad got me a 1 TB hard drive since all my hard drives are full, and Best Buy had one for really cheap on Friday. It's snowing so much right now ah!

Brittany Noel said...

1 TB!!! Oh my gosh!