Thursday, December 17, 2009


i like this pattern. i will soon do a full post about my final project in pattern design - it was one that i really loved and put a lot of thought to and am pretty passionate about - but for now, this will have to do.

rice. in its plant form.

p.s. i love the faunts.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Ok, so, you know that moment
that very moment when the city lights turn on
or the highway lights
at that threshold between day and night
the transition
well, today i witnessed that moment. i always have thought of that moment as a treat. there's no way i can plan it. i am just in that place in that time. i was walking to the woodshop at school and when i walked under part of the kresge building, just as i walked underneath it, the lights turned on above my head. do other people notice these things? they must...

it's weird, but i smiled to myself.

the more i think about it and the more i talk to people about it, the more nervous i am to graduate and to actually leave ccs. yeah, i'm really really mad at the school. they've screwed a lot of things up for us students this year, but that's a different story. and really, an old, tired one.

so, the reason i'm nervous to leave is this: community. if you read here or if you know me in "real life" (or whatever you want to call it) you know how i feel about this word and what it means. having a community around me, whether it is online or in "real life", is so so important. ccs is the best community i have. sometimes i forget, like when people trash the fiber studio. but, when i walk around and see art hanging from trees or am surprised when i walk into the walter b. (totally forgot today was dec. graduation) and see art all over the place and recognize a photograph by my friend... i really feel it. my guess is that there's nothing quite like being a student in a small, like-minded (for the most part) school.

i just really love walking around on an errand, but being continually sidetracked. i had to stop in the yamasaki atrium to study the ceramics on display from a critique. just being in a place where so many people make art is such a good feeling...

how do you get that after school?

my plan is to work there.

Monday, December 14, 2009


today is my last session of both pattern design and woodworking.

Sunday, December 6, 2009


these are all photos that i've taken from as inspiration for my final pattern design assignment. we have to create five patterns made specifically to go into a room of our design. i'm really excited about it. country living's website has a ton of awesome house tours, you should check it out!

i have a special affinity for pie safes. my parents have one in our house and i love it. also, ceramic crocks. i covet them. actually, i love pretty much everything about this photo. the chair, the tub, the ticking on the bed, the windows... love.

the peaches and the wood beam are my main inspirers here. also, i like that tiling. i love old wood beams.

whisks are really great tools. they look awesome and they do such a good job. i love this collection of antique/vintage whisks. maybe i'll do a pattern or two of kitchen implements...

i like the chandelier, but what i really like about this image is the giant bowl on the table.

ceramic and wood together. probably my two favorite materials, besides fabric/textiles.

i take the garlands and the sink/cabinet as inspiration here. also, i like the giant watermelon in the sink. i love chippy paint!

the room i chose is the kitchen/dining room. i'm lumping them together because i want to do stuff from both rooms. that's a pretty good reason, right? anyway, my theme or inspiration or whatever you want to call it is... i guess maybe slow living. i'm emphasizing a connection to food in its plant state. also, i think the table linen patterns will be images of fruits and veggies themselves. all of the materials in the room are natural. i'm designing patterns for food storage containers that will be ceramic. all of the table linens will be just that - linen. oh, how i miss linen.

Saturday, December 5, 2009


this is the second image ready for my show. i'll be printing it this week. the color balance is off. matt, what do you think i need to correct it? i'm trying to get started on a water series, too. i thought i had a breakthrough, but now i feel stuck again. geez.

my winter review is on thursday (found out about this a week ago), so i'm working on my second sky image tonight and tomorrow. hopefully i can print that out on monday or tuesday. oh, and i may print out a water one that i'm thinking about just to have it and for some feedback.

what do you think?

Thursday, December 3, 2009


tonight, i am writing a paper for my philosophy class. the topic really excites me, and i love talking/thinking about these concepts (had a great lunch with mike (check out his blog!) in order to collect our thoughts), but man is it hard. the more i think about it, the more art cannot be defined. we have to take the three philosophical theories of art and explain which is most accurate. my argument is that none of them are accurate on their own, they must have each other to fully define art. but, there is still this unknown factor, the fact that each individual recognizes art differently, no matter how much or how little they know. there is still that gut reaction.

i'm using picasso's "la guernica" as an example in one of my paragraphs. i love this painting, it reaches out on a soul level. i would love to see it in person, but sadly for me, it is in spain. i do hope to go there someday anyway!

pbs has a good description of the background of the painting and its history here. definitely worth reading.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


i don't really have a lot of time, so i won't caption each photo. i think most of them are pretty self-explanatory anyway; hope you do too :) but, i wanted to make sure to tell you that my dad wasn't after the chickens, he was on his way to his tree stand to hunt deer. doesn't his hunting suit look cozy?

my mom's chickens are getting so big! the two that look bigger and different are two of the original chicks that she bought in may. the black and white one is badger, a silver laced wyandotte. the one with the crazy cheek feathers in the last photo (that was taken just before she pecked my finger! jerk!) is olga, an araucana. she'll lay blue/green eggs! the other three chickens are younger and they are isa reds, i think. badger and olga roost on the totem pole!