Saturday, January 31, 2009


Short post. I'm sleepy. Samples so far.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Some Better Photos

of the scarf and fabric. Just because I'm so happy with it! Also, because I wanted to see/show it on. Basketry and other photos coming later tonight!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Indigo + Fuchsia = Love

More Shibori. I'll post basketry (new technique!) pictures tomorrow or Friday.

I tried...

To go to school. But no, too much snow. Damn, turned around at the sight of the freeway. I would have been at least an hour late. Now, I must work on my embroidery. Short post, yes. Longer one later today? Maybe. School soon, then work. Small break in between when I must finish homework. I'm tired. But in a good place.

I've been thinking a lot about family lately.

Update: I tried again and made it. Though this time was probably worse than it would've been this morning. People just don't understand that snow means be careful. Semis going 50. Breathe.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Total Dork Fest

Look at the collar! And the pointy cuffs. And those capelets are just amazing. Also, the hat.

Again, just closer. Look at the way the capelet drapes. Definitely silk.

Look at them all together and in action! Oh, I just love their dresses. The scene is a little ridiculous for me, but still. I love it.

Back to basketry. My hands don't like it, but I'm drinking Ghirardelli hot chocolate!

What are you doing tonight/Monday?

We have food!

Really, we do. It's very exciting for us. We bought lots of food and didn't spend an exorbitant amount of money. How you may ask? Well, this part sucks. I had to drop my resolve to buy only or mostly natural and organic food. There's much canned stuff. Also, hamburger helper. Yup. I'm sad and slightly embarrassed, but desperate times call for desperate (and mostly not-that-healthy) measure.

Enough of that. I did some more shibori yesterday! Finally, I know. I think I'll be using shibori also in my quilting final project. Hmmmm. I'm looking forward to it. Not telling yet, though, I still have to think and gestate.

I found a lot of great new (to me) blogs and such today. I'm pretty excited and will show them to you... sometime.

22 hours at Sbux plus 11 for Fiber Dept. plus 28 hours in class equals 61 hours.

I had a conversation with an older guy at Kroger. He was my cashier and I thought that he probably thought he would be retired by now, but the economy is so terrible. It made me feel sad. I could see in his face that it made him happy. He was surprised.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Promise Kept

Here you are, my dears.

Don't mind the blue lines. They're just for guidance and such.

This sounds good about now.

I found Whimsy & Spice (probably from a blog) before Christmas and wanted to taste everything they had on Etsy. But, unfortunately for me, they closed their shop just when I wanted to put their stuff on my Xmas list. Damn! Thwarted. Now they're back! Hooray! I think they will be the source of my Valentine's goodies this year. Usually, I ask Eric for a couple of fair trade/organic chocolate bars like Newman's Own or Green & Blacks. I think I'm ok with a bit of change if it means I'll get maple and cardamom marshmallows. That were handmade! Anyway, here's the part you really care about:

And before I forget, Jan aka Daisy Janie from Scoutie Girl posted about them today, which is what sparked my memory. Thanks Jan!

P.S. Eric has my card reader at school, so I can't show you right now. But... I'm working on embroidering my samples for Quilting (aka the Fancy Futuros). So far, I've used pretty cool colors (green and blue, must be my mood) and some silver. The silver is very exciting and fun and will be my bling outfit. I think I'll do something so that I can change them. I'm just doing these to go over the band. Hmmmm... Oh, and I'm doing on in the Futura font! Thanks Matt for the genius idea.

Pretty exciting. Am I strange for embroidering my wrist braces? Kind of ironic...

Monday, January 19, 2009

Coiled . Trees

New wrist brace. Eric has been calling me "Futuro". Also, I'm totally embroidering the big straps as part of my sampler assignment for quilting. I hope she likes it!

Banana Fiber. Coiled basket. Or bowl. Actually, just a little sample. I think seeds would look nice in it.

Linen. Also a sample, except it'll be sizable. Not that big, but bigger.

Same exact spot on my window. Different focus. I love looking out this window. The light changes everything. And I love the screen.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Up in Smoke

How do you burn chocolate? I mean, I know how to, just burn it right? But, ok, here's the whole story:

Last time I made these mexican chocolate cookies, I was told by the recipe to melt the chocolate in the microwave for about a minute. So I did. And it worked. Today, I put the same amount of chocolate in the same little glass bowl and it burned. Smoke everywhere. A little chunk looked like a lava rock. I had to fan the smoke alarm with a pillow so it wouldn't go off and then drown the smoldering remains with water. Then, I had to go to Kroger to get more chocolate, because everything else is already mixed up. Curses.

Update: Second chocolate melting worked. They're in the oven! I added more cinnamon and pepper to this batch, we'll see what happens.

Stay tuned tonight for a school update!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

event timeline

of my life. I told Chelsea I would post this, so here it is. In my quilting class, our final is centered around events in our life that have been transformational in some way and making an autobiographical timeline in the form of quilting. In the first class, we brainstormed events from our lives. We were supposed to write whatever came to mind.

The ones underlined are more important and the ones scribbled on are events that I narrowed down. We're supposed to narrow it down to ten. I don't think I can do that for my whole life. I don't know... We can also group them and do it that way. I might choose memories I have from my childhood that I feel have shaped who I am, even if it was subtly. So, here are scraps of my life that may be totally obscure. If you have any questions or want me to delve deeper about anything, feel free to ask. I don't mind!

So, I got some mail

And in it was... my card reader! Hooray! Now I can share lots of photos with you that I couldn't before. Here are a bunch of random photos that help me remember what each of these moments felt like. 

Sorry, these go from most recent to long ago.

i made mexican chocolate cookies. they were yummy.

i like these candles. they're in a giant bowl made by my parents' friends.

the tools for keeping Gracie happy with drums. it was loud.

i had hot cocoa on Christmas. and i kept refilling my marshmallows... it was so good.

christmas eve. the before and after of baking with my mom.

Tomorrow, I will show you my sachets so far. Also, my school work so far. Which will be shibori and basketry! Yay! There's already some shibori on Flickr if you want a sneak peek :)