Monday, September 27, 2010

.essay : hines.

some beautiful images from our second photo shoot!
aren't jessica and abby great?
oh, and the jewelry, too :)




the home ground shop opens october 14th!

all photography by megan boltz :

Friday, September 24, 2010

.witches lake.

ahhhhh, here we are, back at vintage photo friday.
thank goodness, i missed it terribly last week!
i was so hung up on showing that lovely photo of my mom that didn't post anything at all.
you see, we don't have a scanner right now. which is, indeed, sad.

so, for now, i'm relying on a bunch of photos that my great-aunt scanned in.
she gave me a disc of them.
i am grateful, for sure.

sadly, the images aren't named.
and so, i have no idea who these handsome devils are.
i don't really know the history of the men in my mom's family tree.
i love this image, though, because it's kind of the epitome of summer.
i went to a summer camp for a couple weeks each year.
my sisters and i absolutely loved it.
i'll be these guys had a cooler experience, though.
lighting fires in the woods (hopefully keeping smokey the bear in mine),
pitching cloth tents,
and all manner of useful, but very fun, things.

so, in homage to the time that has just passed...
so long, summer!

and to the time that is now coming...
why hello there, fall!

( switch those to winter and spring, of course, if you're in our friendly hemisphere to the south )

i hope you have a lovely friday!

Thursday, September 23, 2010


our photo shoot went really well last night.
in between it all, we managed to eat soup, drink tea and enjoy some shortbread.
you're the best, megan!

what do you think?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


as promised, a peek into two potential locations for the
Home Ground f/w10 photo shoots.
the first one will probably be this sunday.
i can't wait.

these photos above are at an abandoned property.
i drive by once a week on my way to a job.
i've always liked it and always hope to be stopped at this traffic light.
just to have a look.
oh, the light.

these last six lovely photos are in a section of hines park.
i drive by this place on my way to the northville farmer's market.
the rolling hills are so rare in this part of the state.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

.sunday coffee : tom phardel.

This past Friday, Eric and I visited Pewabic Pottery down in Detroit. Pewabic is a ceramic studio that was started by Mary Stratton in the Arts & Crafts days. It's a pretty important place in Detroit. To us art nerds anyway. They just so happen to be hosting a solo exhibit by one of my teachers at the College for Creative Studies, Tom Phardel. Tom is the chair of the ceramics section at school. I've always admired his work, so I was pretty excited to go.

I love his use of gilding. It adds another dimension to his work, one that is completely unexpected. Given the names of some of his pieces in this show, his work seems to reference the idea of temple. The gilding, I think, is a beautiful way of bringing that in, referencing other cultures' use of gold in temple spaces.

The other thing that really stood out to me was the super thick layers of glass on his rectangular pieces. I just so happened to run into him Saturday night at another one of my teachers' show openings. I pretty much bombarded him as soon as I saw him walk in, asking about this glaze. It isn't a glaze at all. The rectangles are bricks that he chooses out of the glass kilns. So, the glass has accumulated, I guess, onto the brick through the use of the kiln. I think. Anyway, it's beautiful, especially with the addition of the gilding.

Hope you enjoy :) I really wish I would have brought the better camera. My little one just doesn't do so well in mixed lighting. So, I apologize for the less-than-awesome quality of most of these photographs. They really don't do his work justice!

Happy Sunday!

Monday, September 13, 2010

.essay : market.

eric and i went with his parents to one of our local farmer's markets this past sunday morning.

sadly, we were an hour early! this market doesn't start until ten, which seems kind of crazy.

but, i was very happy to see that the only table that was set up was my favorite one! lucas acres, a local farm, is owned by awesome people. they're always super nice, offer me cooking tips, the best ways to use the yummy things they grow and sell to me. i always buy as many things from them as i can, from my list.

ok, i lied. i don't go to the market with a list. i basically just look around and buy stuff that looks delicious. which is pretty much everything.

anyway, i took some nice market pictures for you guys :)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

.sunday reading.

my good friend, matt, linked me to this etsy shop, called nervous system, the other day. i'm so glad he did, too! i love almost everything in here. and i really like that the artists are using science to create art. sometimes i kind of wish i did that.

from the shop announcement:

nervous system creates unique, modern jewelry combining rapid prototyping methods with industrial materials. our work focuses on using generative, computational processes to create designs inspired by nature. we write computer programs that encode a design process that allow us to generate an infinite variety of shapes, patterns, and forms.

so cool, right?

now head over there and check them out!

Friday, September 10, 2010


Told you my grandma was a fox! I love her bathing suit. Especially standing next to that awesome car. Wouldn't it be cool if my family still had that car?

My grandma Betty, my mom's mom, was an interior designer. She always had the coolest outfits throughout the 60s and 70s. I always love looking through our old photos of her. She also was an avid antique collector, along with my grandpa. My family lives in their old house now, they both passed away a little over 10 years ago. The house is filled with amazing things. Lots of Native American artifacts including baskets, ceramic, tools, a peace pipe, masks, all kinds of things. My friends and I always called our loft "the museum," because that's where all of that lives. I definitely think that I have been influenced by growing up around all of those amazing old things.

Maybe sometime I'll show you some of the more interesting pieces.

What cool things did your grandparents have in their home? Were they collectors?

Next week, as long as she's ok with it, a really great picture of my mom when she was younger. Then, we'll move on to my collected vintage photos filled with very interesting strangers!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

.hocking hills.

as you can see, we had an awesome time in the hocking hills area of ohio. we pretty much went there to hike, and that's pretty much what we did! there are several, i guess, "attractions" (they're all hiking trails) in the area. most of them are extensions of the hocking hills state park. the others are designated at nature preserves, or something similar. anyway, it's pretty much the beginning of the appalachian mountains and there are a bunch of caves and caverns and beautiful cliffs in the middle of the beautiful forest. this was our second time here and i really wouldn't mind going back every year. i probably wouldn't stay there for a whole week, but for just a couple days (i'd say 2-4) it's perfect.

where did you go this summer?

p.s. happy labor day to my us friends!