Wednesday, June 30, 2010


The Saturday after graduation (this is May 15th we're talking... yes, I'm that behind!) I spent the afternoon with my parents and sisters enjoying the campground where they were staying. We made our favorite camp food, hobo pies. Now, I don't know how widespread this type of eating is, but it is so rewarding. Before I go into too much detail, there is something you should know. Hobo pies can be breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert. Yes, I'm serious. Perfect, right?

Suggested potential ingredients:

Breakfast - eggs, sausage, bacon, peppers (a major favorite of mine), cheese, onions, black beans, feta, spinach, mushrooms

Lunch - lunch meat, assorted veggies (zucchini, peppers, onions, etc), cheese

Dinner - PIZZA! (this is my favorite) - still use croissant or biscuit dough, cheese, pizza sauce, pepperoni, canadian bacon, peppers, onions, mushrooms, feta, pineapple

Dessert - basically any pie filling (apple, cherry, grape, etc)

Here's a basic recipe, since it is SO that time of year:


bread dough (we loooooove croissant dough and biscuit dough)
cooking spray (we like to use olive oil spray)
filling of choice
pie makers

Here's how:

Make sure your pie maker is nice and clean, then spray it with cooking spray.
Tear off a square of dough and line the bottom of the pie maker
Start filling! Be careful though, it's very easy to over-fill your hobo pie. This leads to leaks and trouble.
Tear off another square of dough and place it on top of your fillings, making sure to pinch the two layers of dough together for ultimate filling retention.
You're ready to cook! Slow and steady is much yummier than hot and quick. This is best done after the fire has died down a bit and there are lots of good roasting embers. Think, marshmallow fire.
Be sure to check your pies frequently. This is important! It's very sad to open your pie maker and see black crust. Very sad, indeed.

Once you've cooked your hobo pie to perfection, pop it out onto and plate and enjoy your hard work and ingenuity. Cold beer, iced tea and lemonade all make very good accompaniments.


Friday, June 25, 2010


Wow, how did I not know about this blog? Another great resource for me while I'm doing all of this research and planning and all. Plus, I like the site design; always a bonus!

I'll be spending the weekend in Grand Haven, attending friend/family events, hitting up the beach, buying jewelry supplies and talking to my mom about how business-awesome she is and how I want to be that awesome. Fun, right?

What the heck are you doing this weekend?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

.business (?).

My loom is scheduled to come tomorrow (assuming the estimated ship date is still accurate). While I am super excited about it (eeee!!!), I'm also starting to look ahead in terms of art/craft business. I really love planning things, love being organized (when it comes to stuff like this, my desk is another story) and really want this to happen. But damn, is it overwhelming!

I've read through Craft, Inc. a few times and am planning on buying her Business Planner as soon as I have the money. Meg's book is a really great resource for thinking, such as setting up your work environment, making goals, pricing and the like. She covers almost everything. But, a lot of her information is in guideline/inspiration form, whereas I'm at the point where I need very specific information.

Thank goodness I have such an awesome, small-business-owning mom. I plan on grilling her this weekend when I go home. Just a heads up, Mom :)

I've been selling my jewelry on consignment to Haven for over a year now (over a year!). They have the perfect market for my work and I love them. But, really, I need to get super serious. I'll be very busy making a big order for Haven in time for Plymouth's Art in the Park. I also might be taking part in an artist event at the end of July. I find out tomorrow for sure and, if so, the details. It would be kind of a big deal, so I'm really crossing my fingers!

I got a couple wedding planning books with my sister a while ago and they completely outline and list everything that has to happen for a wedding. Really, the detail into which they go is crazy! The writers of wedding books totally need to get together with the writers of business books and have book babies. Just sayin'.

I'm sorry this post is a little unreadable. My head is kind of full and unsettled these days.

Here's to deep breaths!

Saturday, June 19, 2010


These are the official photos from my senior show at CCS. Official! The four with the red dots are the ones I sold :) Thanks Jennifer! I hope they're happy in their new home. Here are the details (such as my statement).

They are all inkjet prints onto silk organza. The sky images were taken on color slide film, scanned in and then worked on digitally. I blocked out the power lines in Illustrator, they were originally photographs as well.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

.first couple days.

I just realized that I hadn't posted anything to this blog yet. Silly me! Well, here are a handful of photos from our first couple of days, including our entire day of plane riding. It's a darn good thing I love riding in planes! Especially since we went over the Rockies. And the Grand Canyon!! It was amazing.