Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


The little promotional parts of my show. Business cards, artist statement and price list.

Yes, those four red dots are the pieces that sold. Jennifer Mitchell, a local interior designer, and her husband bought all four and I couldn't possible be happier! I was so ecstatic but trying not to burst out crying all over her. It was so great!

And now I have enough money to start a studio. My parents, who are the very best ever (seriously), told me Thursday night after commencement that they are going to get me a loom for graduation. I know, right?! I cried. It was so awesome, too, my sisters wrote a little riddle for me in the card. Except, I thought it was just to be cute. Oh no, it was to be serious. A LOOM! Of my very own. With the money that I will get for the four panels (it would be so wonderful if the remaining three sold, too!) I can start my own tiny little weaving studio. For serious. I know just where my loom will go. I can't wait to start weaving all the time. In the morning, noon and night. Rain or shine, snow or sleet. Love.


I still don't quite feel rested. So, I think this post will be heavy on the photos and a bit light on the words. The last two months have been so incredibly busy and stressful and SO worth it, I'm still recovering. And now preparing for Hawaii! I don't think I've said anything about it here, but Eric's parents are taking us and his sister to Kauai for 12 days. We leave next Tuesday. Crazy, right? I still haven't made a list yet and I'm getting a little worried. All will be ok. I will be swimming with dolphins and sea turtles soon. That sounds fake, like a movie or a dream. Unbelievable...

Anyway, I think I'll just recap the last week day by day. I want to share everything, of course.

Last Wednesday, the 12th, was orientation day at my new internship. I'll be working under the Collections Manager, Megan, at the Edsel and Eleanor Ford House. I can't wait! As far as I can tell, Joe and I (a fellow fiber student) will be actually working with the objects and artifacts and art themselves. Wow. Dream job, right? Well, for me anyway. Tomorrow is my first real day. I can't wait.

the solarium

a little grove. they're everywhere. the grounds are so gorgeous.

Wednesday was also the day I finished installing my thesis show. Yay! Well, first I finished it, then I had to take them down and paint the hangers white (with very generous help) and then reinstall it. It was quick-ish... I only have photos of the black hangers right now, I haven't done my official photo shoot yet.

my white bleeding heart came back this year. she is so happy! i brought a nice little set of hearts with me to keep the room cheery on the gray, rainy days.

I'm really happy with them.